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Everyone experienced with driving, whether for work, leisure or errands, dreads the moment when their car stops on the road. That heart stopping moment is further compounded when you are responsible for the delivery of medical supplies, and know that your cargo could save lives.

Here at the Official Diabetes Blog of Terre Haute, we pride ourselves on outlining the struggles and needs of patients diagnosed with Diabetes, even as we continue to provide resources and equipment in person. Some of the materials we are tasked with delivering are, blood sugar test strips, insulin, and glucose control solutions.

While enroute to deliver an emergency supply of insulin to an in-home patient, our truck stalled in the middle of US Highway 41. In our frantic search for reputable Terre Haute towing companies, we came across Terre Haute Towing and Wrecker services. The response time and service provided got us back on the road in record time.

Terre Haute Towing and Wrecker services is a company founded on the concept that customers should be able to get to know and trust their towing company, by a Mr. Henry Morgan. Morgan left his company in the capable hands of his sons and grandsons who diligently uphold the legacy he began.

The services provided by Terre Haute Towing include jumpstarts, auto lock-out assistance, tire changing, and gas delivery. The company offers service 24 hours, understanding that misfortune on the road can strike anyone, at any time. They also pride themselves on their speedy response times, and reliable work.

Our truck was up and running with the help of jumper cables in a matter of minutes once Terre Haute Towing and Wrecker services arrived on the scene. With their open and honest communication style, we were able to provide up-to-date and accurate estimations of when we would be back on the road and able to deliver our much needed cargo.

Due to the business model laid out and followed by Henry Morgan and his family, we were able to get our patient the insulin needed to avoid further medical complications.